Back To School Printables

Get ready this summer for the new term with our back to school printables

Whilst your students may be dreaming of the summer break, chances are as a teacher you’re already thinking ahead for the new term. When you have a new class starting the first week back to school, it can be met with nerves and excitement, but introducing some new and exciting activities can make the world of difference.

At The Imagination Box we have a range of back to school printables that can ease the nerves and get kids talking to each other.

A great place to start is with our Free All About Me Questionnaire- Getting To Know You Activity. This activity invites students to fill out various questions such as:

What is your full name?

What is your favourite movie? 

What subject are you best at?

Do you have a pet?

When is your birthday?

How old are you?

These questions are designed to encourage students to think about themselves by asking a range of home and school questions. In doing so, they can explore what they share in common with other classmates whilst getting to know themselves a little more.

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