Icebreakers For Kids

Looking for some icebreakers for kids?

Being a kid can be incredibly hard at times, and nothing can feel more daunting and scary to them quite like starting a new year at school. This is especially true for those that are starting in a new school and haven’t had the chance to meet their classmates.

When the big moment comes to them meeting each other in the first lesson, it’s important as their teacher to do all you can to support them and help them feel at ease. One of the best ways to break the ice is with something creative that helps them to engage with others, whilst learning more about themselves and those around them.

At The Imagination Box we’ve got plenty of icebreakers for kids that are starting this September

We have a selection of bundles that challenge them to think about themselves and the goals they want to achieve in the school year such as:

We also have a selection of freebies that also make for a fantastic icebreaker such as our Getting To Know You Activity.

For creative ideas for your classroom, turn to The Imagination Box.