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First Week Back To School Ideas and Activities

First week back to school ideas and activities are great for soothing anxious students and teachers. Icebreakers do just that – they break the ice! How do we build a strong classroom community for the year ahead? Engage kids in fun group discussions Set goals for the year, talk about hopes and fears Get creative […]

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Back To School Art Projects That Kids Can Really Relate To!

The first week back to school is the perfect time to introduce some imaginative, ‘all about me’ activities to engage tweens and teens. They love current and cool themes that reflect their interests – modern tech, gadgets, sport, fashion, street art. That’s my key aim – creating resources that do just that!

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Why is Art Important in our Classrooms?

Art is a fantastic vehicle for learning, communicating feelings and exploring outside of the box thinking. I’m a great believer in the positive power of art on our mental wellbeing. Perhaps many of us feel more comfortable or free to express ourselves in a deeper way via hands on creativity rather than just using words?

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Free Growth Mindset Posters for the Classroom

Create an environment, at school or home that is imaginative, inspiring, colorful, stimulating, motivational, fun and engaging. Encourage a Growth Mindset with these free posters. Read more about this FREE Growth Mindset activity.

I love a challenge! I am determined to succeed!

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July 4th Fun Facts and Free Printables for Kids

July 4th is a great learning topic for kids all around the world – in the classroom or homeschool and summer camps or clubs – there are so many fun facts to explore. Here are some fun facts and a free printable to celebrate the Fourth of July. Did you know these July 4th Fun […]

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Queens Platinum Jubilee Free Printables For Kids

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee takes place from 2nd to 5th June 2022 and will celebrate Her Majesty’s seventy years of service. This is the perfect, creative opportunity to decorate your classroom or home and get kids excited about this exciting historic milestone. To mark the celebration, I’ve enjoyed designing some no-prep Platinum Jubilee fun free […]

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St. Patrick’s Day Activities FREE Printable

Help kids celebrate this festival on March 17th, wherever you live in the world, with these St. Patrick’s Day Activities, FREE Printable coloring pages. St. Patrick’s Day is such a great opportunity to explore Ireland’s rich history and culture. Finding a creative pathway into a lesson or activity will always help to engage kids and […]

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Chinese New Year Free Coloring Pages Kids will Love!

Download my fun free printable ‘Year of the Tiger’ coloring pages, along with ’15 fun facts about Chinese New Year’ to get kids engaged and have fun learning in a creative way. Chinese New Year 2022 welcomes the Year of The Tiger and people will be celebrating this wonderful festival all over the world. ​ What […]

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These Easy Doodles For Kids Are Such Fun!

These easy doodles for kids really keep them engaged. You can give these simple ideas a go in the classroom or at home. Doodling helps us to relax our minds and takes us away from screens. Kids love to experiment, play with color, shape and pattern with no fixed outcome in mind. Mindful coloring books […]

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