These easy doodles for kids are such fun!

These easy doodle ideas keep kids of all ages engaged. You can experiment with these simple ideas in the classroom or at home.

Doodling helps us to relax our minds, engages our imagination, and takes us away from screens for a while. Kids love to experiment, and play with colors and patterns. The outcome isn’t as important as the process with doodling.

Mindful coloring books have been popular for several years, and we all know the relaxing benefits of switching off for a while.

However, sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. We don’t always need expensive art materials and coloring books to keep kids creatively occupied.

I grabbed a roll of tape and a ballpoint pen and started playing…….

I’ve really enjoyed this experimental process, looking around the house for inspiration! Scroll down this blog post, and you’ll see lots of examples, where i have created abstract patterns and doodle pages by drawing around rolls of tape, lids and tiles. Any simple-shaped household objects work well.

You’ll only need basic art materials – a ballpoint pen, lead pencil, oil pastels and watercolor paints.
I’ve experimented with music paper, old stamp album paper, and maps. These can all be found affordably in local charity shops / thrift stores – the older and more yellowing the better!

Draw small circles on music paper and color them in with marker pens

Use a small square tile as a template or make one out of cardboard
A roll of tape as a circular template on squared paper – I found an old stamp album at a charity shop and loved the old feel of the paper
We all have old maps! I drew a circle on a page from an old London A-Z. These bold colors with black make it look quite Mondrian inspired.
A roll of masking tape and lined paper
Playing with overlapping circles, color and diagonal lines
Oil pastel circles on brown paper – use old packaging or envelopes
I drew round a roll of tape and added extra lines to color in
I drew round a plastic lid for this idea – I used yellows and greens as the shape reminded me of lemons and limes!
I used a roll of tape to draw round and make a kind of fish scale pattern, and used a mix of oil pastels and water color paints.
This bold pattern has been created with a ruler and butter lid!

My kids love it when I stop – stop tidying, stop ‘doing stuff’.

Putting some music on and getting the marker pens or oil pastels out is a great family activity – a rare moment when you can all be round the table, tv off, chatting, doodling – and all doing the same thing together

If you like these ideas, you might like to view my all year round activities for kids, check out my freebies or visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store for lots of downloadable art projects to use in the classroom or at home,

Hope to see you again, stay creative,


Ps – I’d love you to share some photos with me if you give these fun doodles for kids a go!

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