Examples of kids art activities by The Imagination Box Examples of kids art activities by The Imagination Box


Do you want to learn more about your students and engage with them on a deeper level? Teachers often tell me they want to incorporate art into their classrooms but don’t have the time or confidence to develop creative lessons for their students, whose needs frequently vary greatly. Does that sound familiar? I’m here to say that preparing for an art lesson doesn’t have to be time-consuming, messy, or complicated!

Hello, I’m Diane, I’m so happy you are here. I love to help Upper elementary and Middle School teachers and homeschoolers facilitate high-interest art lessons with minimal stress and prep. As a psychotherapist and 30 years as a designer (yes, I’m that old), I have designed and delivered creative and therapeutic workshops in hospitals, schools, theatres, children’s daycare centers, mental health facilities, and more. I bring a wealth of enthusiasm, expertise and a sense of fun to my printable resources.

y mission is to empower teachers to connect deeply with their students, encouraging young people to learn more about themselves, confidently express their individuality, and respect the world around them.

can heal, build trust and self-esteem, and develop a strong and supportive community. I am passionate about bringing these benefits to every classroom.

you are curious about the power of art, this blog post is a great place to start:

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Diane Pagan

I hope to see you again soon!
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