FREE Growth Mindset Posters for the Classroom

Download these FREE Growth Mindset posters if you would like these eye catching printable designs to decorate your classroom or homeschool room.

I believe that it is key to kids’ development to create a learning environment, at school or at home that is imaginative, inspiring, colorful, positive, stimulating, motivational, fun and engaging.

What might kids with a Growth Mindset say to themselves or others?
​’I love a challenge’
‘Can I try this a different way?’
‘I am determined to succeed’
‘I’m going to solve this problem’

Free posters for the classroom
Empower kids with a positive growth mindset

What do kids with a Fixed Mindset believe?
‘I’ll never be able to do this’
‘There’s nothing I can do about it’
‘I’m just not good enough at this’
‘There’s no point in trying’

Free posters
Free posters

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