New Year Art Activity,
Goals and Resolutions 2024


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Kids LOVE this cool New Years 'All About Me' Instagram style cell phone construction, art and writing activity!

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Kickstart New Year 2024 in your classroom! This fun fold-out cell phone art and writing activity is a cool way to encourage students to reflect on 2023, set new goals, and make resolutions for 2024.

Engage students creatively with this relatable New Years, All About Me’ Instagram-style cell phone construction, art, and writing resource. Ideal for use as a first-week back activity or as an art-specific or self-reflection lesson.

Invite students to cut out and make a fold-out booklet style art-phone, and complete the image-making on the front cover and the writing prompt elements inside. Choose from a selection of ‘phone cases’ or back covers to complete the activity.

I will update this activity each year, so you will be able to download free updates if you would like to continue to use the activity beyond 2024.

What’s included in this New Year Activity?

1. The front cover of the activity:

Invite students to respond to and illustrate the 9 questions or prompts, with thumbnail doodles or drawings:

Happy New Year, Fireworks, Balloons, a New Year Brings,
Year of the Dragon, 2-0-2-4

2. The fold-out inside pages:

2023, Looking Back, is designed in a text message style, and asks 4 questions:

  • What is your best ever memory of 2023?
  • What is the most important thing you learned about yourself last year?
  • Did you try a new sport or do something that really challenged you?
  • What would you like to leave behind in 2023?

2024, Looking Forward, prompts the following:

  • My top 5 goals
  • My wish for 2024
  • My no.1 resolution
  • Open-ended questions to complete, I imagine that…. I plan to….

3. The phone case or back cover:

  • Choose from a selection of writing and coloring templates, including ‘Turn Off Your Phone’.
  • This activity presents a creative setting to discuss appropriate cell phone use, safety, etc for students who now own their own phones.

4. Additional printables:

  • Get Set For 2024 garland to decorate and display
  • Large 2024 letters for students to decorate and display
  • Photographed examples to display and use for inspiration
  • Doodle pages and bookmarks for early finishers
  • Clear visual construction instructions


  • Cell phone size 4.8 x 9.8 inches
  • Each individual drawing square measures 1.5 x 1.5 inches
  • Suitable for Canada/ UK/ NZ/ Australia spellings

What materials will I need?:

  • Heavyweight paper/card stock for printing
  • Scissors and glue stick
  • Pens/pencils / colored marker pens for the artwork and written work
  • String and pegs for garland

Considerations and how to use this activity:

  • Encourage students to move beyond words, and ‘draw their answers’
  • Consider the space around the images they draw
  • How do the 9 images look collectively?
  • Is there an emerging theme or style or color?
  • What colors do we associate with words? eg fireworks: red, orange, yellow
  • How do students feel about the first week back to school?
  • It’s OK to express dislikes as well as likes, our fears along with our hopes
  • The completed phones look great pegged up collectively as a classroom garland or can decorate a wall, door, or bulletin board.

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How can I use this resource with my students?

  • End December 2023 in a positive, forward-thinking way
  • Use as an engaging first-week-back activity for January 2023
  • Encourage students to reflect, plan, and set new goals
  • Explore hopes and dreams for the future
  • Acknowledge challenges and explore solutions
  • Generate lively group discussion
  • Create an impressive display for a positive environment
  • Build creative confidence
  • This makes a handy, print-and-go sub-plan
  • Add to a New Year unit

Happy teacher feedback


Christina R says, “My students absolutely loved this resource. It was a wonderful back from winter break activity for them to do. I look forward to using it for years to come, They personalized their phones and were excited to set new goals for the new year.”


Sheena K says, “This was the perfect beginning activity to 2022! My students loved the thinking, discussion, and creativity they were able to participate in.”


Mrs. S says, “My students loved this activity! It was so fun to get goals with them and they kept their “cell phones” taped to their desk the rest of the year!”

I do hope you have fun with this resource!

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New Year Art Activity,
Goals and Resolutions 2024


PDF Download: 35 pages
Kids LOVE this cool New Years ‘All About Me’ Instagram style cell phone construction, art and writing activity!

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What is TPT?

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